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Last month, NetEase and ArtPlay announced that they are working on porting the popular game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to iOS devices. From now on, this title is available for purchase in the App Store.

"The Morning Show" was one of the first series available in the Apple TV+ catalog. Currently, work on its second season is underway. According to Variety, the cast has just been joined by American actress Julianna Margulies, winner of the Golden Globe and three Emmy Awards.

Wales Interactive is a publisher of computer games specializing in interactive movies and FMV games. Today, a new item from their catalog - The Complex - has appeared in the App Store.

Apple strives to be regarded as a company that pays special attention to environmental protection. For this purpose, among other things, it invests in renewable energy sources and uses recycled materials. Despite this, it still uses solutions in many products that are widely recognized by environmentalists as harmful to the planet. This was recently pointed out by the environmental protection committee established by the British Parliament.

Gartner has published a new report on global smartphone sales in Q3 2020. Apple, which has long been ranked third in this respect, has now dropped to fourth place.

Lionsgate Television is the company responsible for the production of such series hits as "Mad Men" and "Orange Is the New Black". Some time ago it started a collaboration with Apple, which resulted in the series "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet". Yesterday Apple announced that they are working together on another series for Apple TV+, entitled "Acapulco".

SaGa is a popular series of jRPG games, whose roots go back to the late eighties. Square Enix recently announced that next year a refreshed version of one of its older releases - SaGa Frontier - will appear in the App Store.

In 2016, Hector Martin introduced the world to the Linux system running on the PlayStation 4 console, which even allows you to play games bought from Steam. Now the same developer has announced that in January next year he intends to start working on adapting the system to work with new M1-based Apple computers.

Last week, Apple announced that on December 4, a special Christmas program led by singer Mariah Carey, known for her Christmas hit "All I Want for Christmas Is You", will be added to the catalog of Apple TV+. Today the first official trailer of this production was published.

Deemo is a music game from 2013, which was quite popular at the time. Last year Rayark Games studio prepared a new, refreshed and improved version of the game designed for PlayStation 4, entitled Deemo Reborn. It was recently announced that the remake will also be available for iOS devices next month.

Although The Pathless has appeared in the Apple Arcade directory relatively recently, it have been used very intensively by Apple to promote this service since its first official announcement. The developers of the game have recently given an interview to the, where they talked about their cooperation with Apple.